Vineet Gupta Jamboree founder believes that EdTech can increase youth employability ratio

Vineet Gupta Jamboree founder believes that EdTech can increase youth employability ratio

The use of technology for learning assumed a pivotal role during and after the pandemic. EdTech companies began gaining attention during this period. In a survey conducted by BuiltIn, 92 percent of educators recognized technology’s impact on education. According to 59 percent of school children, online learning tools have improved their grades and test scores. With EdTech smart gadgets, game-based in-class activities, and interactive virtual courses, students can have a fun learning experience. “It is vital to realize the benefits that EdTech offers to increase convenience, quality and learning experience. In the world we are living in, there are many possibilities to advance our professional development. Many new age EdTech platforms offer uniquely designed courses for youth to improve their skills and better prepare them for the workforce, something which the traditional education system struggled to do,” says Vineet Gupta Jamboree Education Founder.

Educational Technology (EdTech) platforms

EdTech platforms are helping to close the skills gap between higher education and what industry wants, making young people more employable. As a result of the proliferation of new companies in the industry, the EdTech market in India has grown to approximately $2 billion over the past few years. Education technology received close to $4.7 billion in funding in 2021, making it the third most valuable sector in the country. As a result of these platforms, youth are equipped with the skills they need in order to pursue a variety of careers.

Upskilling courses must be offered on an appropriate EdTech platform, as businesses such as Eruditus, Vedantu, Brainly, UpGrad, and Unacademy have become unicorns. Byju’s, the country’s most prominent EdTech company, became one of the most expensive. Jamboree Education has a substantial physical presence, with 35 teaching centers across India and Nepal. Jamboree also offers a robust online course delivery platform. The students enrolled online can visit the centers if they want to meet teachers in person. Meeting physical students helps teachers to better understand them and motivate them as well. As a result, classroom teaching can provide the fundamental element of education that includes experience and interactive learning; a strong online presence is essential in addition to a strong physical presence, as Jamboree does.

“A number of EdTech start-ups, for example Udayy, only relied on online learning and thus had to shut down while the EdTech firms that had already developed strong offline presence prospered. To remain competitive in the market, it is vital to modify the company’s strategy. Unacademy established a coaching facility in Kota for offline education programmes. For the same reason, Byju’s has partnered with the Aakash group of institutions. At Jamboree, we believe that online and offline systems should complement one another in an ever-changing environment and we endeavor to continue doing so,” highlights Vineet Gupta.

Taking the next step

Students have been able to develop more professional opportunities through EdTech platforms. Additionally, EdTech companies provide students with interesting, flexible training and learning resources as well as career options. Students can gain career guidance, professional growth, skill development, and employment opportunities through them.

With its essentially limitless possibilities, EdTech is increasingly enhancing modern education by offering educators and learners access to a wide range of resources. By leveraging EdTech effectively, we can raise the standards and level of learning. In addition to creating thousands of jobs, EdTech has also enabled retraining and skill-upgrading. Covid-19 served as a reminder of the value of online communication and resources, demonstrating how technology can help in education and employment.

“Widening skill gaps in the workforce today have come to light as a result of the competition in the IT and technology industry. Without regard to limitations of distance, money or time, EdTech services are assisting learners in accessing educational programmes, improving their skills and enhancing their career opportunities. The ability to progress in one’s career is not constrained by class attendance, schedules or promotions. Students can get a competitive edge by enrolling in international programmes at global institutions. The hybrid model that we adopted in Jamboree can assist in enhancing the teaching-learning process along with opening up more career opportunities for students,” concludes Vineet Gupta, Founder of Jamboree Education.


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