Study Blockchain course freely from K-DISC; Build a successful career

Study Blockchain course freely from K-DISC; Build a successful career

100 per cent scholarship for girls; 70 per cent for boys

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): Want to master Full Stack Development or Blockchain technology? Here is a golden opportunity! Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) is offering students an opportunity to study the Accelerated Blockchain Competency Development (ABCD) course with scholarship. The programme comprises two-part certifications – Full Stack and Blockchain. The course is offered jointly by ICT Academy, under the state government, and the Kerala Blockchain Academy, under the Kerala Digital University. The students will be admitted for the course based on an entrance examination. While the girls who perform well in the entrance test will be offered a scholarship of 100 percent, boys will get the scholarship of 70 percent.

The opportunity to study the ABCD course at free of cost is being provided to girls with the goal of providing them an opportunity to build a successful career in the field of blockchain and full-stack, which has paved the way for revolutionary changes at the global level, including in the financial sector. Both blockchain and Full Stack offer huge employment opportunities as enough experts are not available in these fields despite growing acceptance. The students who successfully complete the course will be given certificates recognized by the industry consortium and government. Therefore, the students will get more weightage in the employment market compared to others.

Full Stack Development to become an all-rounder in the field of web application

For those who wish to excel in all the areas of  web application, Full Stack Development is the most suitable course. A full-stack developer is a software expert who is capable of developing both the frontend and back end of a web application.  Unlike front-end developers and backend developers, full-stack developers are capable of fully designing and developing a web application. A front-end is the information we see when we use applications such as Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon. Meanwhile, the backend involves the process of exchanging and keeping the information in the database. 

Different types of Full Stack

Even though there are different types of Full Stack based on the technology used in the frontend, backend, and store data in the database, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, MEVN Stack, and LAMP Stack are the most popular Full Stacks.

In the MEAN Stack, Angular Technology is used in the frontend, NodeJS and Express JS in the backend and MongoDB for database. Meanwhile, in MERN and MEVN, ReactJS andVueJS technologies are used instead of Angular Technology. LAMP is the classic Stack which uses Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Virtual Internship

The students who successfully complete the course will be provided an opportunity to do a virtual internship in TCS iON.

What is Blockchain?

Even though the term blockchain technology is not very popular, there will be very few people who have not heard of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, which brought revolutionary changes in the financial sector at the international level, is based on blockchain technology. It emphasises the importance of blockchain technology.

A block is a digital record that indicates a transaction. Blockchain is a chain comprising many such blocks. Each block in a chain is connected to a partner. Numerous blocks can be part of it. It helps to distribute and exchange digital information. The information will be transparent. Blockchain is also known as Distributed Digital Ledger. At the global level, data can be stored in thousands of servers using blockchain. The data added by each partner can be viewed by others as and when it is done.

Three-level certification programme

Blockchain course is designed as a three-level certification programme – associate, developer and architecture. The students can select courses as per their aptitude.

1) Blockchain Associate Training

Associate training programme is the first step for those who wish to become blockchain developer. The course is designed in a way to enable non-developers and businessmen to understand the possibilities of blockchain in transforming the existing business. The fee for a 30-hour course without tax is Rs 3000.

2) Blockchain Developer Training

The developer is the second phase of ABCD course. It is designed in a way to enable those who have knowledge of blockchain and passed an associate programme to become a blockchain developer. It has two parts – Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum Developer. The fee for 90-hour course is Rs. 8000.

3) Blockchain Architect Training

It is the highest level of ABCD course. Blockchain Architecture is a suitable course for those who have completed the developer programme. A major highlight of the course is that the developers can work in the live projects of Kerala Blockchain Academy along with researchers and scientists. By becoming part of the project, developers can gain practical as well as theoretical knowledge on all the aspects of blockchain. For getting a Blockchain Architect certificate, the student should work in a live project for at least eight weeks. The fee for an eight-week-long course is Rs 10000.

Employment Opportunities

The industrial sector is on the path of change with the advent of new technologies. Huge employment opportunities are available for Full Stack developers within and outside the country. The course is very useful for people who want to build a demanding career in the IT field. In India, Full Stack developers are being paid salary of Rs. 6-8 lakh per year.

With the use of blockchain in sectors ranging from agriculture to health, huge opportunities are awaiting for experts in the field. Numerous employment opportunities are available in countries such as Japan, Canada and the UK where blockchain is finding increased acceptance with the advent of cryptocurrency. With the entry of startups and fintech companies, more employment opportunities are created in the field of blockchain technology. Employment opportunities are also available for blockchain experts in banks, logistics companies, healthcare providers, and government institutions. 


As many as 525 students completed courses from ICT Academy are placed in leading international blockchain companies. While 70 percent of the students who completed the Developer course received a placement, it is 78 percent for the Architecture course. The students are recruited by more than 100 companies, including lead names in the field.

Online course

Students from all parts of the country can study the course as it is offered online. The classes include live classes of experts and recorded classes. The students will be provided an opportunity to discuss their doubts with teachers and get clarification.

Admission Process

Engineering and science graduates and three-year engineering diploma holders are eligible to apply for the course. The entrance test for admission for the course will be held on February 19. It will cover topics such as numerical ability, logical reasoning and computer science basics. Applications should be submitted online on before February 15.

For more details, contact:  7594051437, 0471-2700813.