StockDaddy’s Founder Alok Kumar’s book ‘1 Billion’ Released; aims to empower Young Entrepreneurs

With ‘1 Billion’ the Author aims to equip and prepare aspiring entrepreneurs to build successful businesses in the domestic and international markets in the coming times

New Delhi/Gurugram (Haryana) [India]: Alok Kumar, Founder and CEO StockDaddy recently released his book ‘1Billion’. The book was released at a literary function by noted author Durjoy Datta. The book is to share a successful journey and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the book, Alok Kumar shares his story as a 23-year-old entrepreneur and documents his take on success, financial learnings and his expertise in creating a successful business. The book provides valuable tips- ‘Steps to Start Your Startup.’ For those who want the know-how of starting, running and scaling, the book gives deep insights. The author has tried his best to bring the utmost simplicity to the complex terminology and the framework of the business world. Going beyond the tangible, the book gives deep insight into understanding the mindset of entrepreneurs. The Author has written this book to share his message “21st century Skills- Financial markets for everyone.”

Young and new India is full of creativity, innovative minds, and aspirations. These attributes of Indian youth would help in making the country strong and fulfil the aspiration to become a developed country by 2047 or India @100. Young entrepreneurs need motivation and support from innovators and successful entrepreneurs.

‘1 Billion’ is an informative blend of Kumar’s own journey working as a guide for those visionaries who dream to change the face of our century with their powerful ideas majorly with the help of technology in businesses. Reflecting on his life and projecting his lessons to ease the path for coming entrepreneurs, the author strives to build an honest connection with his reader.

“My story has already been an inspiration to many and through this book, I aim to equip and prepare aspiring entrepreneurs to build successful businesses in the domestic and international markets in the coming times,” said Alok Kumar whose brainchild StockDaddy is now one of the fastest growing Edtech in India.

Releasing the Book, noted author Durjoy Datta said, “We appreciate Alok Kumar’s contributions as Founder and CEO of StockDaddy. Now he has authored ‘1 Billion’ – a book for passionate dreamers who want to create something big and add positive value to society. His journey, ideas, and success stories would help to understand the challenges associated with building a company. The Book would guide them to address the challenges based on current and future needs with the help of technology. This book will motivate and help our youth to start their business from idea to company.”

An innovator at the core and a mechanical engineer by qualification, Alok Kumar started his journey from a humble background in a middle-class family. He worked his way upward to being the founder of StockDaddy (EaseMyTrdae Pvt. Ltd.). Learning through every phase of his life, his success is a result of the trials and tribulations he undertook while building something out of his passion. ‘1 Billion’ has the full potential to create and develop smart entrepreneurs who would be contributing to making India a strong and developed nation in times to come.