A “Path Showing” Conclave for Real Estate Industry by V21 Group at Pune

The V21 Real Estate & Finance Conclave 2023, held on April 23rd in Pune, brought together influential figures from the real estate and finance industries for a day of insightful discussions and networking. The event, attended by prominent real estate developers, bankers, global fund houses, and IPCs, was honored to have Hon. Shri Bhagwatji Karad, Union Minister of Finance (MoS), as the Chief Guest. This gathering proved to be a pivotal moment for the industry, setting the tone for its growth.

Hon. Bhagwatji Karad delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting India’s rapid economic growth compared to other global economies. He emphasized the new opportunities this growth creates for the real estate industry. He also reiterated the Hon. Prime Minister’s vision to make India a developed country by 2047, emphasizing the need for Affordable Housing and Housing For All. Hon. Bhagwatji Karad appreciated the V21 Group for organizing such a trailblazing conclave, recognizing the importance of bridging the gap between the finance and real estate sectors. He assured the leaders in attendance that the Ministry of Finance would consider their challenges and concerns, urging the V21 Group and industry experts to present high-level recommendations for future meeting.

The conclave provided a platform for industry leaders to share their views and insights on the growth outlook & trends. Sachin Bhandari, CEO & Executive Director of VTP, emphasized the importance of skill development in the field. Ranjit Naiknavare, President CREDAI- Pune Metro, discussed the need for affordable housing and the challenges in delivering homes on time, stressing the importance of innovation and technology in the construction industry. Amit Goenka, CEO of Nisus Finance, shared financial insights, including favorable FDI policies for the sector and the significant contribution of real estate to the country’s GDP.

Krishna Pandya, the Founder Director & CEO of V21 Group, shared his valuable experience and insights. He spoke about the journey of V21 Group and how it has achieved towering success in multiple verticles including Real Estate Sales, Exclusive Mandates, JV/JD, DM Model, Project Funding, Construction and Interior Fitout in a very short span of just 4 years. He shared his outlook on the Exclusive Mandates and Development Management (DM) Model, highlighting how these models can drive multifold growth for small, medium, and emerging developers. He believes that these are next big things in the real estate industry for the upcoming decade.

The V21 Real Estate & Finance Conclave 2023 was a path-showing conclave and is expected to set a new trend and have a lasting impact on industry growth, aligning with its theme of #ScriptingRealtyGrowth.