Thejo Kumari Received ‘Top Prestigious personality & Iconic Legend of the Year from the Cricketer Padmabhushan Sunil Gavaskar

As a woman of the 21st century, Thejo Kumari has been breaking the age-old shackles of patriarchy in various ways and at different levels. Some of the ways in which she has been able to change the direction of misogyny and soar high to achieve her dreams and set new precedents in various fields with equal elan. Her recent achievement stands out as she receives the ‘Top Prestigious Personality and Iconic Legend of the year 2023’ from none other than the greatest cricketing legend, Sunil Gavaskar. The certificate of achievement was awarded at the Prime Time Global Awards and Conference.

Getting a high level of education has provided Thejo Kumari with the knowledge and skills necessary to become independent and financially self-sufficient. It also helped her to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes as she was also awarded the “Trendsetter Award of 2023” by another iconic personality, Padmashri Kumar Sanu. Her unbeatable business acumen has helped her set up successful businesses that have been immensely appreciated with the Most Inspirational Woman Award. She has also won the Super Woman Social Entrepreneur Award, the International Business Entrepreneur Award, the Indian Glory Award, the Business Excellence Award 2023 and the Global Pride award.

She has been able to challenge traditional gender roles and push for policies that benefit women and the downtrodden. Employment provides women with a sense of agency and the ability to make decisions about their own lives. Thejo’s goal of helping people to attain self-sufficiency with means of living was to give that financial independence that she has achieved to other women as well. Her assistance during the pandemic by providing food, clothing and other amenities has enabled several people to tide through the crisis.

Thejo has been able to utilize her talents in one of the most effective ways to empower herself and also positively change the lives of others. She has actively, over the years, worked on changing the social fabric of the villages by getting them to understand the importance of healthcare and the power of education. For her immense contribution to creating social awareness, she has been awarded innumerable times Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award, Mahatma Gandhi International Noble Peace Award, Jawahar Lal Nehru Global Peace Award, Indira Gandhi International Seva Ratna Award 2022, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Attal Bihari Vajpayee Samman Award, Rashtriya Prathista Puraskar Award, Bharath Bhushan award, Bharath Gourav award, Bharathiya Nari Rathna award Nari Samman Award, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose award, Real Life Super Hero Award and several other awards.

Due to the efforts of Thejo, women in several parts of the country have a role model. They are now represented in various forms of media in a way that challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes. This has helped to change the way women are perceived in society. Thejo worked on achieving the finest education from esteemed institutions of the world, became an entrepreneur of excellence, made a mark in contributing to several causes in social work and definitely changed the way how beauty is defined by winning. She won the titles of Taj Mrs. Universe 2022, Ms. India 2022, Ms. Glam India Icon 2022, Miss India International, Divalicious Mrs Asia Universe 2022, and Femina  Mrs. Asia Super Model 2022.