Infidigit launches the ‘Modern SEO 101 Playbook’ as the benchmark for increasing online marketing revenues

Infidigit India’s leading SEO Service provider to marquee brands as well as to start-ups across industries underlined their pre-eminence as industry bellwethers by releasing the ground breaking ‘Modern SEO Playbook 101’.

An industry first by all yardsticks, the SEO Playbook, would not just offer an incremental solution to improve visibility, drive online traffic, boost sales, convert website clicks to customers, and increase business revenues, but would attempt to help businesses leapfrog to the top of the ladder wherein they would be able to dominate the market. It would be the perfect tool to help promote the ongoing dialogue between the brand and its customers to connect and engage with them.

With the rising cost of digital advertisements, modern SEO will empower marketers to deliver better ROI. The Playbook is an effort to outline the importance of SEO, getting the SEO outreach right, and a few frameworks that will make the organization search-ready. Our endeavor is to assist marketers in understanding and implementing effective SEO tactics and strategies. The Playbook has been born out of the spirit of collaboration, wherein CMOs from leading organizations, with their transformational vision in SEO, have contributed wholeheartedly, making this dream a reality.”, said Mr. Kaushal Thakkar, Founder and Managing Director of Infidigit.

Organic search marketing is set to become more onerous in years to come, going by the current trends. The changing algorithms show that success in organic search is based on uncovering deep layers of user intent. Most senior leaders do understand the value of SEO as a strategic goal but are not so sure to what degree it really matters. Most focus on a handful of initiatives or capabilities and are disappointed when the promised results do not materialize. Hence it is crucial to have a clear view of components of modern SEO which focuses on a cohesive model that can give a better sense of all the elements of SEO, and how they work together.

Tata Capital’s Head of Marketing, Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty made an interesting observation when he stated, “I am proud to be part of a game-changing resource that delves into the dynamic world of organic search marketing. This playbook equips marketers with insights into the latest trends and strategies, enabling them to confidently navigate the ever-evolving SEO landscape. With a clear understanding of user intent and a strategic approach, SEO becomes a catalyst for driving overall success. Embrace the future-ready SEO strategies shared in this playbook and unlock the limitless potential of organic search marketing.”

Marketers see around 15%-30% rise in their organization’s spend in digital marketing over the next 9 to 12 months, leading to an expectation in ROI to the tune of 50X. ROI from pure SEO is expected to outweigh the expenditure significantly.

In the words of Ms. Sumeet Singh, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Info Edge India Ltd., “It’s been a privilege to be associated with the SEO playbook. Through the playbook, we hope that organizations, big or small, find a practical guide to scale up good-quality organic traffic. The playbook is a guide outlining the right SEO strategy and also highlights pitfalls and common mistakes. Hope you all enjoy it as much as the team that put it together did and I am sure it will be worth all the midnight hours the team burnt.”

Strategically and operationally modern SEO factors in the customer’s journey from the moment the customer journey triggers and goes beyond post-purchase. Content is the cornerstone of modern SEO, inspiring trust, and is the basis around which SEO strategies are formulated and executed. Marketing continues to be the primary driver of any company’s growth, wherein specific outcomes like increase in brand awareness, increase in ROI, increase in user base, reduced cost of acquisition, and long-term revenue growth continue to be the focus points. If long-term brand awareness, expanding the target audience, and earning more revenue are being looked at, then SEO should be the centre of the marketing strategy.

Mr. Vipul Oberoi, Director – Marketing, CSR & Learning Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet India, said, “I am glad to have collaborated with Kaushal Thakkar, Founder & MD, Infidigit Consultants, and other CMOs to curate the first-ever SEO playbook specifically tailored for the Indian market. Our aim was to fill the gap and provide marketers with a comprehensive resource that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in the Indian SEO landscape. Together, we have created a playbook that empowers marketers to navigate the ever-evolving world of SEO, drive organic growth, and achieve remarkable results.”

Marketers are practicing modern SEO techniques using a multi-channel approach to add more muscle and increase efficiency. Scientific SEO tools are being utilized to sharpen the SEO performance across a host of activities.

Mr. Vishal Rupani, Ex Co-founder & CEO, mCanvas said, “I’m thrilled to have contributed to the creation of the ‘Modern SEO Playbook 101’. This comprehensive guide equips marketers with practical tips, real-world case studies, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving SEO landscape. By implementing the strategies outlined in this book, businesses can boost their online visibility, attract quality traffic, and ultimately drive unprecedented digital success. Get your copy today and take your SEO game to new heights!”


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