Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Lexicon Schools Will Host the Junior Model United Nations for the First Time in Pune

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 18, 2024: The Junior Model United Nations (MUN) hosted by The Lexicon Schools will be held for the first time in Pune. The summit is for the students of Classes III to VI. Building on the success of the Lexicon Model United Nations for senior students, this initiative by The Lexicon Schools aims to sow the seeds of leadership by fostering discussions on critical global issues among young budding leaders. Participants will utilize their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to propose solutions for identified issues. This aspires to instill global awareness, effective communication, and public speaking skills in students at an early age, cultivating their potential to become leaders of tomorrow.

“At The Lexicon Schools, we cultivate an environment where students thrive academically and personally. The Lexicon Junior MUN encourages students to believe in their capabilities, establishing an environment where self-belief transforms into leadership excellence. As students gain confidence, exhibit talents, and champion positive change, we empower them to articulate their thoughts and actively participate in global discussions,” expressed Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, Chairman & MD, Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror, and MultiFit.

The Lexicon Junior MUN offers a distinctive opportunity for participants to partake in diplomatic simulations, embodying the roles of delegates representing their respective countries. Comprehensive guidance on the event format and guidelines, coupled with a study guide, will be provided to enhance participants’ understanding of the agendas.

The students will represent countries in three key parts: the Stage Room, the Discussion Room, and the Action Room. They will deliver speeches following the Cause, Effect, Solution structure, engage in group discussions, and ultimately collaborate to draft a solution paper. This structure helps students develop skills in public speaking, critical thinking, negotiation and diplomacy. It also encourages teamwork and the ability to find common ground on complex global issues. Participants have the chance to win titles such as Best Delegate, Champion Collaborator, Excellent Researcher, Brilliant Ideator, Diligent Diplomat and Superb Speaker in recognition of their achievements.

“At The Lexicon Schools, students are provided with abundant opportunities to learn, grow, excel, and innovate. We firmly believe in education as a catalyst for opening minds, providing direction, exploring passions, and building unbeatable competence. Through the Lexicon Junior MUN, we envision our students gaining global awareness, actively addressing issues, and framing solutions, thus paving the way for them to become future leaders,” opined Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, & EasyRecruit+.

The Lexicon Junior MUN will serve as an excellent opportunity for students to build confidence and showcase their hidden talents. The summit will be held on 27th and 28th January 2024. Interested students can register by contacting the following numbers: +91 7263879168, +91 8368626612, and +91 8591270239 or by sending a mail on [email protected] for details.


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