Back to School: Healthy, Kid-Friendly Snacks from EAT Anytime

Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], May 27, 2024: As the new school year kicks off, parents face the familiar challenge of packing wholesome yet enjoyable lunch boxes for their children. Stepping away from false promises and processed and sugary products, EAT Anytime offers respite to all parents.

This Mumbai-based company presents healthy snacks for kids in the form of a delightful range of mindful and nutritious treats. 

In 2016, Rishit Sanghvi and Prachi Sanghvi founded EAT Anytime, intending to redefine the snacking habits for all ages. The founders raised a special focus on creating options that are both delicious and packed with essential nutrients; thereby creating the nutrient-dense yet flavourful EAT Anytime kids snacks.

“We believe that instilling mindful eating habits from an early age is crucial for a child’s overall well-being,” says Rishit. “Our snacks are carefully crafted to not only satisfy cravings but also provide the nourishment growing bodies and minds need. Plus, we ensure that the ingredients are of high-quality, keeping the kids in mind.”

One of EAT Anytime’s standout offerings for the lunchbox is their flavoured dry fruit trail mix. Made with a blend of mixed dry fruits, seeds, cranberries, and a hint of orange zest, such school snacks are a delightful treat. Furthermore, these are 100% gluten-free, vegan, and free from cholesterol, trans fats, added sugars, and preservatives.

“We want to provide parents with convenient and nutritious alternatives to traditional unhealthy snacks,” explains Prachi. “Our trail mix is a perfect example of how we can make mindful snacking both enjoyable and guilt-free for children.”

For those seeking a protein-packed punch, EAT Anytime’s protein power balls are a game-changer. Coated in rich dark chocolate and filled with peanut butter, these bite-sized treats not only satisfy sweet cravings but also provide a healthy dose of protein, filling young ones with energy throughout the day.

Testimonials from satisfied parents and children further highlight the positive impact of EAT Anytime kid snacks. “My kids used to dread lunchtime, but since discovering EAT Anytime’s trail mix, they can’t wait to open their lunchboxes,” shares Neha Gupta, a proud mother of two. “Not only do they love the taste, but I also feel great about the nutritional value they’re getting.”

With plans to expand into Dubai, EAT Anytime has steadily grown since the time of its inception. The brand was recently acquired by Nutrisco – An ETG company and one of the world’s largest commodity producers. As it remains committed to promoting mindful snacking, the brand is also inclined towards offering nutrient-dense snacks for school-going children.


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