“We Are A Nation Of 1.4bn Strong Support System” – Says Sudarshan R Chetlur, Producer And Host Of The Great Indian Brands Show.

“We Are A Nation Of 1.4bn Strong Support System” – Says Sudarshan R Chetlur, Producer And Host Of The Great Indian Brands

“When an entrepreneur employs even one person, he or she is actually putting food on the table for a family of 5 people every day of the month. This is real service. This is a great deed. This is courage, nobility and a blessing to be able to do so. TGIBS is all about honouring that contribution and to inspire Bharat to prefer, refer, seek, recommend, praise and buy everything that is Bharateeya”, says Sudarshan Ramakrishna Chetlur, the anchor and visionary behind – The Great Indian Brands Show (TGIBS) which is all set to return with its highly anticipated Seasons 2 and 3, promising an exhilarating experience for viewers.

Sudarshan R. Chetlur, the dynamic host, is renowned for his outstanding oratory skills as a compelling story teller. His interviews are extempore, unscripted, in the moment and emotionally charged. And he is bringing forth the inspiring stories of Indian entrepreneurs. This season, the show has elevated its game with top-notch production quality.

An Unparalleled Line Up Of Guests
TGIBS Seasons 2 and 3 boast an impressive line up of guests from various industries, shedding light on the diverse entrepreneurial spirit of India. From business to sports, fashion to wellness, finance to medicine, TGIBS showcases entrepreneurs who are contributing in ways that are making India a stronger economy. Be it a start-up, an individual or a seeded company – if you have that intent and want to reach out to Bharat, then TGIBS is for you!

The inclusion of Shekhar Sharma and Ajay Rai, two stalwarts in domestic cricket coaching, highlights the show’s commitment to covering a broad spectrum of professions and industries. Their participation underscores the importance of sports in shaping careers and communities, adding a unique dimension to TGIBS.

The Magnitude of the Shoot
The production of TGIBS Seasons 2 & 3 took a marathon 42-hour shoot, capturing 23 episodes, each averaging 35-40 minutes. It was an intense, meticulously planned, and a superhuman effort indeed. Sudarshan R. Chetlur, the indefatigable host, spearheaded this herculean task of making every episode a treasure trove of insights and inspiration.

Stellar Production Quality
The production quality of TGIBS is surely going to be a testament to the dedication and expertise of the entire team. With Shakil Rehan Khan (Coos Films) leading the shoot as the Chief Cinematographer, and ace lensman Ratan Sonal on the Director’s chair playing a pivotal role to ensure visual and audio excellence. Adding to the visual appeal, Gunjan Goyal Makeovers and Nupur Gupta Makeup Academy provided styling and makeup services.

Walking The Talk
The intent of this show is clear right from that start. With Start-ups as gift sponsors, talented production houses for pre and post production, independent directors for video and set design, two different makeup and styling studios – one each for both the days of the shoot, a gift hamper packaging design consultant who helps tribes from Manipur earn their living by selling their hand woven baskets; TGIBS sets an example by bringing various entrepreneurs on its platform to together amplify each other’s presence and reach. This reflects the show’s commitment to making India reach India, hence practicing what it preaches.

A Collaborative Effort To Tell Compelling Brand Stories
Sanjay Tulani, owner of Grow Green Wonders – a company into indoor and outdoor landscaping, emphasized his support for TGIBS, stating, “There was no two ways about it while deciding to join hands with TGIBS. There was none other I could think of better than Sudarshan R. Chetlur to voice out my brand.”

Similarly, Dr. Minoo Sachdev – Founder of Dr. MINOO’S, a range of skincare cosmetics, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration. Having been hosted by Sudarshan on “Leaders Today” on ZeeCAFE HD, she remarked, “Dr. Minoo’s range of skincare cosmetics is made with the mission to help one and all ‘Meet A Healthy Life,’ which aligns with TGIBS’s mission to ‘Meet the Entrepreneurs of India.”

Ayush Maan, Founder of Arogya Gluten Free Foods – one the most promising company manufacturing gluten free foods, praised the show’s natural, candid style of interviewing. He said, “Arogya stands out in giving people the true essence of gluten-free foods, just as TGIBS brings out the essence of each participant.”

Seema Vashishth – a renowned name in pageantry and Founder-CEO of The Seeya Sttory, who has collaborated with TIGBS for its Season-2&3, said, “Working with Sudarshan is a treat in itself. He is one of the most talented individuals I have ever come across who adorns multiple hats. I have seen him enthral audiences with his spectacular story telling skills. The Seeya Sttory is all about bridging the gap between talent and success which is so similar to what TGIBS is doing”.

TGIBS Season 2 is set to launch on Friday, July 5, 2024, at 09:10 PM on YouTube, with Season 3 following in October 2024. Viewers can look forward to an enriching and inspiring viewing experience, with each episode offering a deep dive into the journeys of India’s finest entrepreneurs and professionals. The show’s slogan, “Ab Jeeto Bharat Ka Dil,” encapsulates its mission of winning hearts by promoting a sense of national pride. TGIBS is not just a talk show; it is a movement to empower India with everything Indian.

Amplifying The Voice Of Indian Entrepreneurs
“We are not just a country with 1.4bn population, we are a super strong support system of 1.4bn people, and if we come together and uplift each other, we will become unstoppable and the greatest nation on the face of the Earth”, says Sudarshan.

And with this statement, TGIBS is poised to set a new benchmark in Brand Building. With Sudarshan R. Chetlur at the helm, TGIBS is not just a show but a testament to the power of dedication, collaboration, and a shared vision of promoting Indian excellence.