Top Ten Contemporary Authors of the World who have Mastered the Art of writing

Top Ten Contemporary Authors of the World who have Mastered the Art of writing

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write,”  said  Martin Luther. How true is that and especially in the modern times when people have access to multimedia like videos, images, audio etc. Keeping the readers hooked till the last word of their creations is surely an uphill task for the contemporary writers. We have picked the top ten contemporary authors of the world who have mastered the art of writing.

The top 10 contemporary authors of the world who have mastered the art of writing are Justyna Nowak-Wysocka, Gabriella, Abhishek Kapoor, Elizabeth Akinniyi, Antonio Bernard Ma-at, Padmaja Bharti, Ka’Ron Gaines, Ashwini Solanki, Megha Shreya, and Shishira Srinivasa.


Justyna Nowak-Wysocka is the author of novels with erotic and crime stories.  I have already written six novels: the series “Order 999” , “3 Lives, 3 Trials”, “Blood Man” and “Autumn Queen”.  My series “Order 999” became a bestseller and was featured in the newspaper.  The Autumn Queen was a bestseller on Amazon.

Nowak-Wysocka has an extraordinary talent for describing erotic scenes with taste, as well as for making intricate intrigues that keep the reader curious from the first to the last page.  Great entertainment at a high level, being a Polish, modern version of the cult story from “Pretty Women”, or, if you prefer, another travesty of the immortal fairy tale about Cinderella.

Why do we read books?  Largely to experience emotions with the characters and get carried away by the plot.  With a good reading, the hours pass like minutes, and the head rests, although the imagination is at full speed.  Such impressions are provided by the series book “Order 999. An Agreement with a Stranger” by Justyna Nowak-Wysocka.  Intrigue, passion, mystery – these plot elements make the reader’s heart beat faster and emotions reach its zenith.  A daring story about a young logistics student who, forced by a difficult life situation, starts working in a hostess agency, it begins seemingly innocently, and then takes the reader on a tense journey without a handle.

What is certain is that if you love hot novels with intrigue and eroticism in one, then “Autumn Queen” is the perfect read for you.  I really liked the transformation of Alicja, who like a chameleon turned from a tough, even mean woman into a nice one.  She had to be ruthless when she reached the career ladder.  Now her nature has softened.  Alicja Brzozowska’s disposition can be compared to the autumn nature, which has many colorful and dark elements at the same time.  And just like fall, which includes the features of every season, Alice has many qualities that allow her to survive in the game at the very center of the company structure.


Gabriella is an author, co-author, compiler, and lecturer from the state of Ohio in the United States. She published her first book, “The Chosen Ones,” on Amazon on July 10, 2021. On August 1, 2021, she was interviewed by L. B. Oknowsky. Then, three months later, she published her poetry book titled “Realities: A Book of Poems” on November 18, 2021, which is a collection of poems that describe the good and the bad parts of life. She is also a co-author of the anthology “Frientimacy” compiled by Harnoor Saini and published by True Dreamster on February 24, 2022, and of the anthology “Endless Fight” compiled by Pragya Bharti and published by Writers Corner Publication on April 5, 2022, as well as several other anthologies. She appeared on the “Not Without Jöe” podcast on March 27, 2022. On April 25, 2022, she became a member of the Writers’ Global Movement (WGM). On April 28, 2022, she appeared on the A. R. T. Podcast. On May 7, 2022, Gabriella gave a lecture about writing in the Fantasy genre for the WGM. On May 10, 2022, she published the first volume of her first anthology co-compiled with Antonio Ma-at titled “Mothers Of The World”, which features 100 co-authors from across 30 different countries. She has also participated in several writing competitions and came in second place in the English category for the International Writing Competition hosted by World Of Writers (WOW), whose theme was about fear.


Abhishek Kapoor aka Author Abhishek Kapoor is an International Bestselling Author, award winning serial entrepreneur, a verified music producer, a filmmaker, trendsetter in the marketing industry and an eminent and zealous business person. He is known for Bestselling books The Pride of t20 cricket and The Selfish Betrayals. Recently, the global literary sensation and world record holder Ka’Ron Gaines penned a book about Abhishek Kapoor, referring to him as the brother he hasn’t met yet. Another book about him is set to release soon and has been penned by Indian Writer Agnibho Mitra. DNA India recently termed Abhishek Kapoor as the trendsetter in the Indian Marketing and PR Industry, while India Today used his success story as a practical guide for people looking to be successful in their endeavours. According to The Week, Abhishek has powered through the world with his brilliant writing, while Outlook India states that The Pride of t20 cricket and The Selfish Betrayals are most read and loved books in India and other parts of the world.

Abhishek’s songs Bechainiyon with Aneesh Chanawala and Sonam Chanawala,  Number 1 Bull shit man with Padmaja Bharti, Legendary of Arts with Dr. Mekha Pradeep, My Body My Choice with Sneha Narayanan, Shikayatein with Sonam are constantly loved and listened to by thousands of people on a daily basis and the stats prove it.

Author Abhishek Kapoor is the founder of India’s leading and most trusted marketing and PR Company Digital Golgappa, India’s favourite and most interactive online event Cherry Book Awards, India’s leading celebrity magazine The Eagle Eye Network, and one of India’s oldest communities Jagruk India. He is also the founder of news and media company The Update India and owns a production house named ASK Entertainment. He is also linked with real-estate and cloth businesses. The founder of Inkzoid Foundation, of which Abhishek Kapoor is a brand ambassador, Mr. Durlav Sarkar recently termed him as The Business Tycoon of Kanpur.


Elizabeth Akinniyi is a passionate writer with a lot of dreams. She lives in Lagos Nigeria with her family. Her writing journey is rather an exclusive tale of fate. She started writing by the motivation of cheering and liking her best friend who writes short quotes that were funny and hilarious, little did she know that was her preparation into the world of writing. Ever since she started writing has become so passionate about it and has used her writing to educate, inspire, motivate and also entertain her readers.

She has participated in 20+ anthologies till date and over 13+ had been published and still counting. She has featured her write-up in Elysian magazine June and September edition. She is an award winning poet and writer and her last award with elite book awards got her more recognition in international magazines.

She is grateful for all this opportunities and this stands as a motivation for her to work harder.

She is presently compiling her anthology for TUS and Mannianest publications. She plans on writing her first book next year and is dedicated to making that dream come true. She loves to read, sing, dance, cook and travel to New places. She loves making new friends.

She believes in equality and treats all the same irrespective of any differences. She loves helping people and putting smiles on people’s faces.


Antonio Bernard Ma-at was born in 1999 in the humble city of Tanjay, Negros Oriental Philippines. Growing up, he was fascinated with arts, music and creative writing. He became a local artist as an entertainer vocalist of two resto bars in 2018-19, and currently, He is a full pledge worship leader at Tanjay Assemblies of God.

He is a visionary and a leader influencing the youth of AG tanjay to live a life with divine morality as a compass. He is currently studying bachelor of business administration in marketing management,

He also gains interest in mathematics, philosophy, psychology and theology.

He started his writing way back in 2020 and became a certified co-author of the book entitled ” Platonic Eternal Love ” compiled by Irti Noor in 2021.

He is currently co-authoring with more than 50 anthologies and became a co-compiler of Youth Words, Mothers of The world, and Stories from the crypt.

He is also the main compiler of an international anthology entitled “MOM” featuring 60 authors across 26 countries. ” A bond to last” and “ The Fortress of Home. “

He became a project head of humrooh publication house on March 24 2022 for the anthology series dedicated to all the parents. The books under his leadership are  “Moms care”, “Dad is my Strenght”, “Fathers First love”, “My Dad my inspiration”, “Dear Dad”, “Mom the well wisher”, “Dad my bestie” and “Mothers Affection”

He has secured first place in 4 international Writing Competitions as the first place across 3 different writers community ” Words of Soul, World of Writers, Turquoise and Blue.

Lastly, He is an aspiring author who deeply cherishes God’s heart and loves writing personal revelations in a poetic way. He hopes for a deeper connection to those who read, He also hopes that they will be blessed with wisdom and enlightenment after reading his works.


Padmaja Bharti is a national bestselling author of Rhime of Time (a poetry compilation) and Wondering of Indian International Ethics. Her third book is titled Ethical Economics from history to the modern world. All her books have received a tremendous response from the readers across the globe. In fact, Rhime of Time is such an amazing book that it got positive reviews from all categories of readers like business owners in Europe, Corporate World and even tea vendors. The language is such that it keeps everyone hooker. She is also an avid reader, classical dancer, and artist. She has been the cover star of reputed magazines and is also a reputed social media influencer. She is a fashion graduate from NIFT, Kolkata and her design articles have created a storm in the online world. Padmaja is also a verified artist on several platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Wynk, Gaana, Boomplay, MxPlayer, itunes etc as her debut song trended in various countries at the time of its release.


The Global Literary Sensation and Creator of the term Woke Seed Ka’Ron Gaines aka Mr. One God recently created a world record for writing and publishing six books on the same day. Ypsilanti based entrepreneur, author, recording artist and activist Ka’Ron Gaines is also the founder of One God Publishing and One God Clothing.

Fondly known as Mr. One God, Ka’Ron Gaines is the global literary sensation based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. He is the Creator of the popular term ‘Woke Seed’ which was recently incorporated into the Urban Dictionary. It means a conscious being that spreads enlightenment to others for them to enlighten themselves.  He rose to global fame after publishing his first book Woke Seed Book. Children and adults from all corners of the world were highly inspired by Light and his journey.


Ashwini Solanki is an aspiring upcoming artist. She is a writer and has published a book Revenge on Amazon. She is a B.Tech graduate in Computer Engineering. She is trying her hand at writing to pour her heart out and express her feelings as she thinks writing is the best way to express one’s thoughts and feelings. She started her writing journey by writing in an anthology “Aarambh 3.0” for a publication named The 2 Am Thoughts publication. Soon, realizing her potential she published her own book named Revenge under the same publication. Currently, she is preparing for Civil Service Examination to become an IAS officer. While not writing she spends most of her time watching suspense and thriller movies. She loves Sherlock Holmes stories and one day she believes she will also be in the top list of suspense and thriller story writers.

She loves coloring, solving crossword puzzles, and playing quizzes. She is an introverted type of person so she spends most of her time watching movies or watching informative videos on Youtube. She is a movie buff since childhood and loves Hindi movies. Her favourite actor is Sidharth Malhotra and inspired by his role in movies she started to write short stories. While not studying, she spends most of her time surfing fashion items on the internet. She believes that one day she will become not only a successful and renowned writer but also a well-established entrepreneur.

Recently she has won a few awards :

  1. The Golden Arc Award as 50 rising entrepreneurs of the year
  2. The Queen Award by the Eagle Eye Network as Top Inspiring Women of India
  3. Best Author of the year by Indian Pride Awards
  4. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman
  5. Nominated for The Author of the Year Award by The 2 am Thoughts
  6. Participated in anthologies Aarambh 3.0
  7. Participated in International level writing contest Aarambh 4.0 by The 2 am Thoughts
  8. Got media features in The Midday India, the ED Times, The Zee5 app, Foxinterviewer website, PunjabMetro, TheDailybeat website etc
  9. Got featured in the Eagle Eye Magazine as Top Inspiring Women Of India.
  10. Got featured in the magazine “Aspiring Achievers” as “The Unstoppable Achievers”
  11. Got the award by Priya’s Wisdom Publication as The Unstoppable Achiever.


Megha Shreya is a girl from Jharkhand, India who admired her dream and followed it passionately. She is a writer as well as an artist also an entrepreneur. She had achieved milestones at her early age. She holds a vajra world record for her book “orchard” under the title world’s thinnest anthology.

She is also so much involved with her artistic field which leads her to start a business and run. She is co founder of “Mehuti The blooming artificier” a handmade online gift store.

Insta: megha_shreya


Ms. Shishira Srinivasa, a Multiple award winning author and a Harvard record holder, a PhD Research Scholar, who just submitted her thesis and awaiting her Doctoral Degree, is a budding poetess and an Ardent writer. She recently completed her Internship in Marketing Psychology, Clinical Psychology, CBT, Child Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Forensic Psychology from Cognizavest and obtained the certification. She hails from Bangalore and is working in a Multi-national firm by profession and an Author who has published 9 books so far in diversified fields. And has few more books in the pipeline.

She has also published 25 research articles in International peer reviewed journals on Stress Management.

Apart from writing, Shishira is more interested and good in music and singing, She is a Carnatic singer and has learnt it through certification, and won many prizes and accolades for the same. She is a bibliophile; she is good at acrylic art and pencil drawings and is passionate about varied interests. She likes to spend time with her pets and play with them.

She is a

  • Certified Reiki and Switch-words healer,
  • Certified Animal Communicator,
  • A Tarot Reader of Oracle and Tarot decks,
  • Akashic Records Reader
  • Higher self-healer through Unicorn Healing
  • Ancient Runes Reader
  • Certified Angel Therapist

She is also the winner of many Prestigious awards like

  • Limelight award for Best Youth Icon 2021,
  • Was awarded the top 100 Authors, Educationalists, Researchers by India Prime Awards 2021,
  • Also Won the Best Debut Award and Best overall work by Elite Awards 2021.
  • Her books are also nominated for the NE8X official Litfest 2021 and won best book award,
  • Sahitya Khosh Samman 2021,
  • Tagore commemorative 2021, for extensive Literary contribution.
  • The Pride of India award by Cherry Book awards
  • Best Aspiring Writer by Elitebook awards season 2.
  • She also bagged 3rd prize for her Stress Management book by Caesura Awards 2021
  • Perfect Achiever’s Award 2021 – Author and Reiki healer
  • Femina Awards – Miss Debut Author 2022
  • Sylvia Plath Memorial Women’s Literary Prize 2022
  • Geethanjali Arts Foundation – Best Singer – (Bollywood) 2021
  • Picasso award 2021 – Best art in National Art Exhibition
  • Harvard World Records – For Outstanding Work in the Field of Writing books on Different topics as an Author