The Journey of Transformation: Empowering Lives at the Life of Joy School

The Life of Joy School of Transformation, a renowned life coaching school, recently concluded its third batch of the ‘Self-Transformation’ program with a graduation party held in May 2023. The event was attended by the participants and their life coach, Dr.Peyush Bhatia, and served as a celebratory gathering to commemorate their personal journeys of self-discovery, subconscious reprogramming, and life mastery.

The program offers a comprehensive one-and-a-half-year course on life coaching, guided by the experienced life coach, Dr.Peyush Bhatia. With a three-pronged approach, it empowers participants to first focus on themselves, accepting their imperfections, eliminating negative feelings, and cultivating a positive mindset. Next, the program helps them improve their relationships through mindfulness, forgiveness, and non-judgmental attitudes. Finally, participants learn how to positively impact others, helping them achieve their goals and create meaningful changes in their lives. The program, often described as “very intense” by previous participants, equips them with tools and guidance to work on their shadows, balance their energy centers, manage emotions, and much more.

The ‘Self-Transformation’ course is intricately linked to four levels of extensive retreats held in serene natural surroundings. These retreats, known as Journey Within, Serenity, Flower of Life, and Zen, are essential for participants’ self-development as they progress to higher levels of consciousness. Upon completing the course, participants receive certifications as Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Reiki Healers, and Workshop Trainers. Throughout their journey, they benefit from numerous one-on-one coaching sessions to ensure success in all aspects of life.

The third batch of participants consisted of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, and professionals from various corporate fields, each with unique life experiences. The graduation party showcased their joy and gratitude through dance performances, storytelling, and reminiscing about their transformative journeys.

Dr.Peyush Bhatia, an Electronics Engineer by education and a Doctorate in Metaphysics & Quantum Physics, is the visionary behind the Life of Joy School of Life Coaching. With over two decades of experience in healing and transforming lives, she serves as a Life Coach, Business Coach, Therapist, and Healer. Dr. Bhatia utilizes her expertise to assist individuals in overcoming challenges and becoming creators of their own lives. Clients can seek her support through one-on-one sessions, seminars, and corporate training programs.

Dr. Bhatia has worked with numerous individuals, helping them heal their relationships, careers, and health issues. Her contributions to society and the lives of countless individuals have been recognized by prestigious institutions and media services. She has received accolades such as the Best Therapist Awards, International Great Icon Award, Women & Conclave Awards, India Real Hero Award, Holistic Wellness Award, Holistic Award, and Asian Education Award. Dr Peyush is an author with her Amazon bestseller book, Life Beyond Fears.