The Great Mango Festival 2024 by Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism: A Memorable Celebration of Heritage and Community

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), [India], June 21, 2024: The Great Mango Festival 2024 by Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism marked a special celebration during its third week, commemorating thebirth centenary of Mr. Hanu Reddy’s father, Shri Chirla Raghava Reddy. Held at the picturesque 70-year-old Raghava Farms in Othivakkam, Chennai, and the festival provided an unforgettable day for 50 underprivileged children from SevaChakkara Children’s Home.

The festival offered the children a rich array of activities designed to foster creativity, cultural immersion, and physical fitness. They explored native crafts, engaged in traditional games, and tested their agility with various physical challenges. The highlight was the indulgent mango-infused breakfast served at the iconic 156-foot table, a unique experience that left a lasting impression.

Throughout the day, the children enthusiastically participated in a Mango Eating Showdown, Mango Picking, and a Mango Exhibit. They also delved into cultural activities such as Traditional Games by Kreeda, ParaiAttam (a traditional drum dance), storytelling, theatre, puppet shows, paddy planting, varati making, ploughing, and enjoying bullock cart rides. They even tried their hand at grinding and milling.

The active play area was a favorite among the children, featuring an Obstacle Course by Wild Warrior, Silambam (a traditional martial art), VazhukuMaram (a slippery pole climbing challenge), slacklining, and camping experiences by Exoticamp. The kids relished their time under the shade of mango trees, enjoying organic mangoes fresh from the orchard.

Mr. Hanu Reddy was deeply touched by the opportunity to provide this experience to the children. “It was the right moment to give back to society in a meaningful way,” he said, reflecting on the significance of the event.

Popular kollywood celebrity Kiki Vijay graced the event with her presence. She awarded prizes to the winners of the mango eating competition and delighted the children by dancing with them upon their request, bringing immense joy to their day.

The Great Mango Festival 2024 not only celebrated a milestone anniversary but also reinforced the spirit of community and the importance of giving back. Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism continues to create enriching experiences that blend fun, culture, and compassion, leaving a positive impact on society.