Soumya Ranjan Chakra is an Indian Musical Artist, Digital Marketer, Influencer who is mostly known as a Meta model rather than a musician

Soumya Ranjan Chakra is an Indian Musical Artist Digital Marketer Influencer who is mostly known as a Meta model rather than a musician
Soumya Ranjan Chakra

Soumya Ranjan Chakra is a Singer, Music Composer and Song-Writer from Varanasi, the town says it is all where the music & culture begins from. He made his own mark in his own space from there. The Indian Star, who has been candid about his mental health struggles, explained how the constant praise he received in his teenage had distorted his perspective on life.

He went from an 18 years boy from a small town who got praised left and right by the people with hundreds were saying how much they loved him and how great it is to have them.

Chakra has chart bursting songs on social media that gained him a lot of Following. Chakra contains a passion for music since childhood once he joined the university later he seemed a golden probability to showcase his talent to everybody he knew how to make it.

“Troubles After Troubles”

By 18 Chakra says he was doing great but pretty much broken down into the relationships he was in. He made every bad decision he could have thought and gone from the best to the saddest phase in life but he tried not to feel low.

He spent sleepless nights learning music by himself in his hostel where others were sleeping and a person is awake all night to work on his skills. “It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning… when it feels like there’s trouble after trouble,” he wrote.

He taught himself guitar instrument by watching his idol singer Arijit Singh’s concert videos and other guitar learning videos on YouTube. Where everybody says you cannot learn something and everything by yourself but he created potential things potential and surprised everyone out by winning gold medals in the university.

However, The Star who is a devout Hindu and equally all religions said his faith and support of god, friends and supporters had helped him turn his life around. Everyone was against him once his father sold his instrument as an expression to let him down to realize one factor within his mind that do study music isn’t created for middle-class people.

As he grows older he started listening to some music that influences and fashioned his life in many ways like Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars, Adele, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth & Justin Beiber Ariana Grande etc.

He says -: Music is never a Competition for me. It is for all. Studying music is not a problem but it can kill your creativity.

He said, “It took years to bounce back from all of the terrible decisions, fix broken relationships and change everything. “Luckily God blessed me with the extraordinary people who love me,” he added.

“Now I am navigating the best season of my life. Now lots of his stuffs are coming together with compositions & Bollywood Cover Mashups etc. on his YouTube Channel “Soumya Ranjan Chakra Official”.

He is working on a ton of things currently. He is also been working with some big names and Bollywood people and also with some possibilities of working with international artists as well. Some individuals came left and broken his heart but never able to shattered his passionate spirit from inside.

We cannot wait to see what he brings next on table.

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