Singer Saurabh Dhingra, aka Essdee, launches his new song “Breakup- Toote Toote Tare,” under his own label Essdee Music India

The young and dynamic music artist has showcased his prowess and passion with this latest track, where he is also seen singing underwater.

The incredible growth and the massive momentum a few industries have attained over the years can be attributed to so many different factors. For a few, it is due to the constant adoption of tech trends and tech advancements, and for some others, it is due to the immense passion, determination and drive of a few professionals who give it their all and contribute heavily to the overall growth of their respective sectors and fields. So many such talented beings today have reached the forefront and are doing exceedingly well, especially in the music realm in India. Among these, singer and music artist Saurabh Dhingra, aka Essdee, is one to have proved his mettle with his latest track, “Breakup – Toote Toote Tare.”

Breakup – Toote Toote Tare is his latest new song, which he has released under his own music label named Essdee Music India, which has been growing evidently in the industry with over a million views on many of its songs. Speaking about the love his new song has been gaining, Essdee says that he is glad and proud both for coming this far with the song, which has become a hit already in such a short span gaining over 1 million views on YouTube.

It had made 1 million views in less than 24 hours of its release, he shares. People have gone crazy listening to this gem of a piece, so much so that 8000+ reels have already been made on social media. In a few more days, he is expecting the song to reach over 4 million views. What has attracted more attention toward the music video is how Essdee sang underwater and showcased his brilliance as a singer, lyricist, musician and also the director of the video.

Young music talents like Essdee have proved how with passion and immense love for one’s work, one can go ahead in achieving excellent name and recognition in one’s field, even amidst massive saturation and competition. He is excited for the song to reach more masses and turn it into one of the biggest hits of 2023.