Roshan Shetty announces his new self-help book “SHIFT LEFT”- A counter culture narrative towards emotional wellbeing amidst the pandemic

Mumbai : New author on the block Roshan Shetty, a 38-year old seasoned corporate professional, today announced the launch of his self-help book titled “Shift Left” which offers methods and hacks to improve an individual’s mental wellbeing. The book has chapters on a wide spectrum of topics which shape our current beliefs and habits that take us away from real happiness. It has the potential to offer you pathbreaking solutions to manage the conundrum created by the current pandemic. Dr Ajay Sankhe, Director and Dr. Devendra Save, Physiatrist of Bhaktivedanta Hospital along with actor, director producer Avantika Khattri launched the book at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Meera Road Mumbai. Krescendo Communications will manage the books communications and marketing portfolio in ASIA.

Published by White Falcon, the title of the book has a narrative which entices readers to understand their thoughts and actions better with deep and scientific reasoning.

Dr. Ajay Sankhe, Director, Bhaktivedanta Hospital on launching the book says, “Current pandemic is a classic case study in understanding the damaging human emotions and how we can cure them by building our emotional intelligence. Covid has made us pause for a moment and given us the space to relook at our choices. Why we must value those things which are extremely important to us and not follow societal diktats? It has helped us to understand the vital aspects of life through essential services that matter and the important relations with whom we have been locked inside our homes for months. Covid has fast tracked our lives into the robotic age where automation is poised to make people irrelevant and jobless. Time has come to regulate these emotions and hope we work towards the mental wellbeing”.

Roshan Shetty announces his new self-help book “SHIFT LEFT”
Roshan Shetty announces his new self-help book “SHIFT LEFT”

Shift Left addresses the fleeting emotions that are critical to our behaviour in times of adversity as we have seen during this pandemic. It directs us to use our emotional intelligence against the growing space of Artificially Intelligent systems and how we can co-exist with machines. It speaks of establishing a universal moral code and the legacy we should leave behind for our future which is beyond plain comfort and convenience. Because comfort and convenience are not always the path to one’s happiness.

Roshan Shetty, Author quips, “My book urges the reader to explore options beyond what society has defined over the years. These options were sold to us in the pretext of making us happy, but we only see more unhappy people today. This potent issue is resulting into an existential crisis amongst millions of individuals causing all forms of depressions, anxiety, frustration, anger and so on. I have explained the solutions to recover from such thoughts and build a solid emotional intelligence that is also critical in our current times with the global pandemic looming over us. Additionally, if we do not strengthen our emotional intelligence today, we can be easily victimized by the artificial intelligence and the machines built by corporations. These will be our masters that influence all our decisions from buying clothes, to marrying the right individual to electing the right leader.”

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