Now Introducing Premium Rooms on Stockative: India’s Only Exclusive Social Media For Stocktraders & Investors

Now Introducing Premium Rooms on Stockative: India’s Only Exclusive Social Media For Stocktraders & Investors

Stockative-India’s First social media platform for stockbrokers and traders has recently launched the premium room feature on its platform. 

After successfully establishing itself as a solid entrant into the social media landscape in India, the premium room feature at Stockative allows experienced and expert stock traders, brokerage houses, and knowledgeable finance professionals to open their own subscription-based space on the website.   

Stockative: The Journey So Far

Stockative, which was founded in December 2020, has had a strong growth story so far. In India, a dedicated social media platform for stock traders and investors was desperately needed, where like-minded people could form communities and discuss stocks and market trends. And Stockative has done an excellent job of filling the void.

Stockative’s interactive features, which are smoothly interwoven with all of the wonderful things about social networking sites, allow traders to engage with one another in comments and online, analyze one another’s deals, what they are buying/selling, and learn about decision-making processes.

Stockative allows everyone to build a profile using their Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn credentials, making the site very user-friendly. 

Alternatively, anyone can create a login ID using your email address and by filling in some basic details. Once you have your profile ready at Stockative, it allows you to share techniques and be inspired by what others are doing. Anyone who is a part of Stockative’s wider social trader community can select to ‘follow’ another well-known trader and see where they are investing.

Stockative Rooms: Form New Communities Based On Shared Interests, Specific Stocks, And Market Trends

The entire team at Stockative is pretty excited after unveiling premium rooms in September 2021. When we quipped Hari Siva, Founder & CEO, Stockative, about what the premium room feature is all about at Stockative, he was quick to add- 

“With the premium Room feature now live at Stockative, we are providing Stockative members a new mechanism to form new communities based on shared interests, individual stocks, and market trends. Premium Rooms gives members unrivaled access to exclusive information, concepts, and analysis from Stockative’s top minds. 

The introduction of the Premium Rooms was one of the much-awaited features for Stockative’s future strategy. This feature is free for a limited time at Stockative allowing anyone to create their own room at Stockative.

Premium Rooms At Stockative: Be A Part Of A Tailored Group & Trade Wisely

Stockative enables interaction, allows for the exchange of ideas, encourages sensible trading, and generates profit along the way. Stockative is a place where you can learn about the latest industry trends, read about the latest financial news, and keep an eye on the market’s pulse. Stockative, a social network for investors and traders, is without a doubt the company with a single goal: to give shape, awareness, and visibility to what we refer to as Social Trading.

According to Sourav Saha, Co-Founder, and CEO- Stockative- 

“Our Premium Rooms hosts’ important knowledge helps subscribers gain a competitive edge on their investments by harnessing specialized trading ideas and market insight.

When someone joins Rooms on Stockative, they become a part of a specific group that assists them in investing and trading more successfully. It’s a platform where Influencers can earn money by sharing their knowledge with other investors.

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