‘Handmade, Dil Se’: Bluerickshaw broadcast show to bridge the gap between SMEs of India & SMBs of North America

'Handmade Dil Se': Bluerickshaw broadcast show to bridge the gap between SMEs of India & SMBs of North America

India is a country whose crafts are rich in history and culture. Crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within various communities, over centuries. Wherever we go, we are part of a crowd that houses thousands of craftsmen and women and artists, and yet we do not know them because they do not have a platform that can help bring their work of art to the fore.

To empower local artisans and traditional Indian art, Akshay Wadhwa, Chief Executive Officer has broadcast a show on NewsWatch, video production and Communications Company to connect SMEs of India with SMBs of North America.

The motive of the broadcast was to connect the story & skills of Indian artisans and manufacturers to the international audience.

“We broadcast this show to bring together people working in crafts space of two distinct and culturally rich countries – India and the US. With this broadcast, we are taking the next big step towards reaching our target audience in America,” said Akshay Wadhwa.

“India has always been known for its rich cultural heritage and art and craft continue to be a significant part of its popularity. Besides being a cultural indicator, the sector also offers a huge economic opportunity to the craftspersons,” he added.

Launched in March 2021, BlueRickshaw is a brainchild of Akshay Wadhwa, who is nurtured with deep industry experience in fashion, design & manufacturing with technology. Krishan Chandak, CTO & Co-founder of Bluerickshaw, who has over 23 years of experience in the IT industry and the Indian startup ecosystem, brought the business idea to life by building the core technology team.

The platform is created to help small sellers get easy and direct access to a large pool of international buyers, thereby creating opportunities for the Indian market. It has the vision to bridge the gap between Indian craftsmen and international customers to improve accessibility and affordability.

“In India, which has a rich cultural heritage, the arts and crafts can contribute significantly towards the national economy and in raising the standard of living. However, that can happen only if artisans are confident and self-reliant, and are given the chance to innovate,” said Krishan Chandak.

By eliminating the hassles of sourcing internationally, the platform makes sourcing sustainable and fair trade products, easy, transparent, and trackable. Bluerickshaw uses a five-point process to ensure that all of its sellers are trusted and verified. Going even further, all products on the platform are quality checked by a team of in-house experts before shipment.

The long-term vision of Bluerickshaw is to help the small manufacturers, weavers, and artisans of India expand in the international market without having to make investments in promotion or travel. It also aims to create a B2B2C channel where retailers in North America work with an inventory-less model that offers end-to-end buying solutions while empowering marginal sellers.

NewsWatch is an award-winning TV show showcasing consumer, technology, travel, health & entertainment news & reviews. Currently, NewsWatch TV airs weekly on the ION Network with bi-monthly episodes on the AMC Network. The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and features special reports by Scott Steinberg, and Susan Bridges.

NewsWatch TV has also become a favorite destination for many of America’s top entertainers and celebrities, over 650 so far, who have appeared on the program to discuss the latest issues and causes they support. Over the last year, Hollywood stars such as Tom Hardy, Jennifer Lawrence, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Pratt, Ryan Lochte, Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Colin Firth are just a few of the national celebrities who have made appearances on NewsWatch.