Chickens enriches immunity by reducing fatigue- says Suguna Foods

Chickens enriches immunity by reducing fatigue- says Suguna Foods

Mumbai, Maharashtra:  With the pandemic reaching all corners of the country, there is a lifestyle change that we have to undergo. Staying indoors has become a norm and it tires our mind and body. It is essential to boost our mental and physical energy at times like this to enrich our immunity. The body functions with the food we intake. Consuming healthy food options is advisable to build strong immunity.

Fatigue is a common exhaustion and weakness that might be physical, mental or a mixture of the two. Workplace stress, depression, lack of sleep, poor eating, shift in work hours, and other factors can all contribute to fatigue. It would be easier to overcome exhaustion with consumption of rich and nutritious food.

Chicken, one of the rich protein diets contains lean fat that helps avoid fatigue. This will keep the body fuelled consistently and will help in improving the immune system.

The necessary elements in chicken that help in combating fatigue 

Chicken: Consuming chicken has been linked to a number of health benefits and it strengthens the functioning of the body.

  • Leaner portion of chicken, is high in protein and can provide healthy lipids for the heart which are beneficial.
  • It’s a key food for weight-gain and weight-loss programs alike.
  • Although it is high in protein, it is low in fat and calories when compared to other types of meat.
  • It also aids in the development of muscles and bone strength.
  • Chicken contains tryptophan, an amino acid that causes the brain’s serotonin levels to rise. The “feel-good” neurochemical serotonin is linked to mood, which helps boost energy.

Nutritionist Ms. Muthulakshmi, Founder- Nutrizone, commented saying– “A number of foods can help you feel less weary throughout the day. Protein-rich, healthy-fat-rich, and fiber-rich foods should be sought. Foods high in iron and nutrients are also good. Chicken is an important dish to include in your diet if you want to boost your energy and immunity. The Tryptophan acids contained in chicken play a vital role in resisting fatigue feeling. B-complex vitamins in chicken help you maintain a healthy weight by keeping your blood vessels healthy, your energy levels high.”