An outstanding Edtech Institution providing high-quality education and internship programs to enhance their skills

Bangalore, Karnataka [India] : The technological sector is ever-changing and it goes through transitions quite often. With so many innovations coming in, it is difficult for the students to keep up with the pace. Access to quality learning in emerging technologies is the most common challenge faced by India’s demographics. Overcoming them has become a necessity so that the access to learning new technology becomes convenient. Data Trained is one such Edtech organization that aims to provide quality education on the technology field.

They have an objective to shorten the curve between emerging technologies and learning them. As a result,they  provide quality education so that people can stand out in the industry. They want to make education accessible to all. They are striving hard to impart knowledge among the students by providing quality training programs.

Their programs are based on a few emerging technologies: Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics, Digital Marketing Management, DevOps, Big Data, etc. Standing strong as one of the best ed-tech companies in North India, Data Trained has also successfully trained many students and professionals who are working with Tech Giants.

Both professionals or Students can choose to join Data Trained to take up one of their best programs. Their programs are recognized worldwide, and anyone can choose to take them up if they want a rewarding career in the technology industry. Students and professionals can start a promising career in emerging technologies. Data Trained aims to provide problem-solving guidance to all its learners.

Data Trained has significantly identified the need for training students and professionals with the necessary skills. This is done to traverse the constantly changing industry landscape. The organization emphasizes building a good profile for the candidates and enhancing their technology industry skills. Even after taking training, a lot of people face difficulties in finding a suitable job. A huge workforce is released to the market every year, but most of them are under-skilled. This problem is recognized by Data Trained. Hence, it strives to provide a quality education so that the technology industry workforce is highly skilled.

Prominent Mastermind:

Rashid Khan is the founder and CEO of Data Trained. He has great experience in the IT and Training field. He firmly believes that only through skill enhancement one can develop to perform well in the industry. He is instrumental in the addition of internship programs to the Data Science Industry. He has extensive experience in several industries and can do deep analysis in the technology industry.

He interacts with the technology industry veterans and with their help, he designs and deploys all the latest programs.  Data Trained has added an internship as a core part of their curriculum. This internship helps students employ the knowledge that they have gained while studying.

Data Trained has two campuses in Noida. It is also set to inaugurate five more campuses in Indian Metro Cities and aims for expansion plans in the US and UK markets.

Rashid is also recognized as an avid cricket lover and loves playing for his team. He also has a deep passion for helping underprivileged sections of society as they should not stay deprived of life necessities. He is interested in watching sci-fi movies and spending time with his family.

Providing quality education in the technology industry has made Data Trained one of the best Edtech institutions. It stands out from its competitors and provides career opportunities and exposures to its candidates. Business Mint Nationwide Awards has recognized the efforts of Rashid Khan and his aim behind starting Data Trained.

Data Trained has been presented the award of Best Emerging Edutech Company 2020. Data Trained is successful in introducing students to integrated blended learning programs. It also ranks in the Top 10 Data Science, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning programs or Institutes in India.

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