After winning over Delhi foodies, The Burger Club aims rapid expansion nationally

After winning over Delhi foodies The Burger Club aims rapid expansion nationally
  • Plans to complete 500 stores by 2023, and 20,000 stores in next 10 years
  • Plans to launch internationally too, in Canada and the Middle East

New Delhi: One of Delhi’s most loved burger chain The Burger Club has completed seven years of serving lip smacking burgers in Delhi NCR, cementing themselves as the connoisseurs of burgers in India and earning them the title of the best burger joint. The Burger Club specializes in offering handmade made fresh and juicy patties, farm fresh veggies, in-house sauces, and freshly baked superior quality soft buns. After such extensive experience in the sector, The Burger Club is well-equipped to even launch internationally. Apart from the expansion within the country, The Burger Club also aims to open up outlets in Canada and the Middle East too. 

Talking about growth plans, Sapna Saini, Marketing Head, The Burger Club shared  “Currently running 30+ outlets in Delhi NCR, The Burger Club is on an aggressive expansion plan and plans to complete 500 stores by 2023 financial year. Furthermore, in the next 10 years, we have set a target to have 20,000+ outlets. Apart from Delhi NCR, we are rapidly expanding in the North India region, mainly Punjab. Additionally, new outlets will soon be opened in Lucknow, Kanpur and Hyderabad.” 

She adds “It has taken a lot of hard work and persistence for our brand to be where it is today. We have made relentless efforts in serving nothing but the best quality and unique burgers, be it our fresh handmade patties, fresh veggies comings from our own farms and not using any additives, preservatives and MSG in our burgers. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavours. The idea is to deliver high-quality, juicy burgers which don’t compromise on taste and develop customer loyalty.” 

The USPs of The Burger Club is that it strictly prohibits the use of harmful substances, such as, MSG, preservatives and food colour. These substances have become a staple in every fast food chain, including the leading national and international chains but since the beginning The Burger Club has taken a strong stand against the use of these. 

The price range of its burgers starts at as low as Rs. 49 and has a wide variety of burgers, beverages, side dishes, and desserts to choose from. Looking at the supreme taste that too at such affordable pricing, its no surprise that The Burger Club is a cult favourite for the burger buffs. The Club Café menu of The Burger Club is again a steal deal for people coming over in groups and it offers a delectable range of salads, coffee, cookies and small bites. Great taste at pocket-friendly prices. 

About The Burger Club:

Founded in 2015, The Burger Club has the fastest rollouts in the industry. After a momentous expansion in Amritsar, the company is targeting to ramp up operations in the following cities – Amritsar, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Lucknow and more. Furthermore, they aim to reach the 80+ mark by setting up new outlets across India by next year. 

Burger club embarked on its journey with the purpose to make the desired target audience aware about big, juicy New Zealand-style burgers, and put together an experience of handmade patties, freshly made buns and in-house sauces and now wants to do the same for international customer base.