88°east: Where Comfort Meets Empowerment for Modern Women

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 6, 2024: Say goodbye to generic fashion and embrace the power within with 88°east, a clothing brand designed for modern, unstoppable women. Founded by India’s leading artist and extremely successful entrepreneur, Preeti Thaker Arora, 88°east offers more than just clothes – a statement of confidence and self-expression.

88°east, a choice of many leading Indian celebrities, believes fashion is a tool for self-expression, not just a trend. The brand’s collection goes beyond boardrooms, offering office wear, daily essentials, casual outfits, and holiday pieces that embody strength and elegance. Each item of clothing by 88°east features elegant silhouettes, savvy prints, and an uncompromising commitment to comfort and durability.

More Than Just Clothes

88°east is an ideal place to visit when looking for apparel that stands the test of time and looks good even after numerous washings. This brand prioritises both quality and timeless design, ensuring that each garment remains stylish and vibrant for years to come. Whether the occasion calls for a formal event, a casual outing, or simply a relaxing day at home, 88°east offers a curated selection that perfectly complements the mood and empowers the wearer’s confidence.

88°east encourages women to express who they are by valuing originality and affordability. Their inclusive designs and wide selection of sizes guarantee that every woman finds the ideal fit, promoting self-expression and confidence without breaking the bank. It’s a celebration of looking well with ease and to feel good about yourself.

88°east is more than just a brand; it’s a community of strong, independent women who value their uniqueness, strength, and sense of style. This ethos extends to their flawless online shopping process, which aims to make the experience as memorable as the clothing customers select. With their user-friendly website, anyone can easily browse, explore, and buy while feeling a part of a movement that promotes connection and self-expression.

About the Founder

Preeti Thaker Arora, the founder of 88°east, believes in making a difference. Honoured as the “Most Outstanding Woman for Social Work 2017,” she personifies the value and empowerment that the brand stands for. Every item of 88°east apparel has the potential to unite people in a movement that encourages positive change and spans higher than fashion.